Instantly get and share what matters from your video meetings

On Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams Spoke instantly provides:

Bullet points summarising the main topics discussed, backed up by video clips and the transcript.

A sharable video-reel with the highlights of the meeting.

The entire transcript and video recording of the video-meeting. The recording is explorable based on the transcript.

Time-stamped notes so you always get the context of a note.

Create a knowledge base of company knowledge

Search through all your company’s video meetings by participant, transcript, or meeting notes.

Instantly get the context of any video meeting with a brief AI summary of the meeting.

Sync Spoke to Slack, Notion, your CRM and more - to align your whole team.
For instance: attach each recording and its AI summary as a note in Hubspot. Or sync #user_interviews on Spoke to the same channel on Slack.

Lead better, output oriented, meetings and conversations

Create meeting templates for recurring meetings such as Client Discovery, or Weekly Team Meetings.

Keep your meetings on track by checking at a glance which agenda items have still to be discussed.

Create instant meeting reports based on your meeting templates and agendas, simply by tagging agenda items.