Expand your most valuable resource - time.

Transform all your conversations & meetings into re-usable assets.

Create and share simple clips containing moments of truth from your live calls to provide present client value.

Repurpose then along with entire recordings, videos and notes for future client value.

Provide more value to your customer by creating video deliverables.

Train clients and their teams easily with curated playlists of conversations & meetings.

Don't bother taking notes, focus on one thing - the customer.

Real-time annotations & highlights.

Automatic summaries.

Share your report (on Emails, Slack, Notion...).

Be naturally organized on your different projects.

Create an agenda before each meeting, allowing you to have an instant report.

Categorize parts of the meeting to view only what you are interested in.

Take a global picture on your different projects: follow up on past projects by consulting their agendas and corresponding work achieved.

Set up incredible call & video-conferencing business intelligence for your clients.

Help your clients set up their spoken knowledge base.

Set up automation for your clients.

Never miss out an opportunity to engrave your actions.

With Spoke, you don’t need to be the host to record and annotate Zoom, Teams and Meets conversations.

Use commentaries to explain key moments of conversations and share clips to just those moments.

Show the real voice of the client, not a written quote.