Stop writing down fluff

Regain control of your time, and create instant meeting reports backed up the video recording & transcription.

As soon as you finish your meeting - your agenda items are filled up - backed by transcription and video clips.

Never lose time scribbling for notes as the meeting goes on. Enjoy taking less, time-stamped notes.

Share your reports directly wherever you work - inside an e-mail, Slack, etc. Or even set Spoke to auto-sync to Slack, Microsoft Teams, Notion or Google Drive.

Lead better, more focused conversations

Have yourself and your team lead output oriented conversations.

Never let yourself or your team members go-off track - come to your meetings with a clear set of topics, objectives, and time frames.

Use meeting templates for your recurring meetings to come instantly prepared.

Attend less meetings - all the while aligning your team

Align your team by automatically syncing recurring meeting updates to Slack or Team channels.

Never let meeting FOMO cost money to your company. Team members can instantly review the key issues, or moments even if someone isn’t available. Timestamped notes are linked to the recording and transcript text.

Search across all of your meeting notes in one central place to quickly find and recall important information for a particular prospect or client.

Pass the baton of a specific team project by getting new team members up to date in minutes.

Align your team by sharing moments of truth from the voice of the customer.