Stop writing down fluff

Regain control of your time

Instantly get 3 bullets points out of any conversation, backed up by links to the recording and the transcript.

Create instant meeting reports for your CRM or your prospects inside your e-mails. Sync Spoke to your CRM to immediately find the context of any conversation, with the video recording, highlights, notes and AI summary.

Never take notes blandly repeating or summarising your conversation - Spoke captures and outputs it all for you.

Lead better, more focused conversations

Have yourself and your team lead output oriented conversations.

Use meeting templates to compare similar conversations with leads in seconds.

Create time-stamped notes and search trough all your recordings by topics, transcript and notes

Help new reps lead output focused meeting from their first meeting on, with meeting guidance and meeting templates.

Create a winning culture

Give new sales reps the confidence and ouput of your team performers, all the while activating team cross-collaboration.

Clone top performers: create playlists of top performers' best moments, like Objection Handling and Pricing Negotiation, to help other reps ramp up faster vs. shadowing live calls. Sync those playlists and moments to Slack, or Notion.

Activate team cross-collaboration: pass the baton between SDRs, customer success, or product management in seconds by creating specific flows of meetings for each client, or category of meetings.

Celebrate your wins as a team by syncing all closed deals clips to a specific Slack channel