Get visibility into customer conversations to delight customers, expand revenue, and reduce churn.

Record, transcribe, and analyze customer conversations at scale with AI.

Share insights across your organization directly from users.

Analyze UX calls faster and shape your roadmap based on real customer needs.

Put your customer’s voice at the center of your company

Capture authentic user’s feedbacks and shape your roadmap based on real customer needs.

Highlights key moments throughout customer calls

Share clips that perfectly express the real emotions of your customers

Help customers onboard themselves faster

Allow clients to solve problems independently by watching video recordings.

Create a library of tutorials to be more useful to your customers.

Make user research β€œas easy as 1-2-3”

Keep product development closely aligned with user needs

Thanks to tags, group user feedback based on commonalities or type

Keep a written record of recordings to understand complex informations thanks to our AI