Spoke - Smarter Meetings with your AI Assistant

Smarter Meetings
with your AI Assistant

Automated AI-drivenminutes, video highlights, and search.

Choose a Meeting service. It's free and incredibly easy to use.
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Let AI work for you.
Achieve team greatness with to-the-point AI notes, video-highlights, and search. Sync everything automatically.
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Accelerate Your Progress.Capture key insights from every meeting.
  • Transcripts, vital video clips, and AI highlights,
    preserving crucial information.
  • Tailored AI meeting summaries and insights,
    streamlining communication.
  • Seamless integration with 30+ apps,
    (CRMs, Slack, ...) for productivity across the board.
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“Spoke is a must-have tool for video meetings. AI-powered features, hands-free note-taking and real-time agenda tracking, AI-generated minutes and video highlights, trust me, you don't want to miss out on this one.”
Julien LabruyereCEO Sleek
Gain time on all your meetings
No more time wasted with note-taking, reporting and aligning your team. Regain time while being 10x more effective.
Build your company’s knowledge base
Scale your best practices
Stay naturally sharp
Gain time on All Your Meetings
Boost ROI with auto-synced meeting insights.Unify your team and leverage data analysis for better decision-making.
“Spoke is a valuable addition to any team's video meeting toolkit. Its AI-powered features, including hands-free note-taking and real-time agenda tracking, make meetings more efficient and productive. The added bonus of AI-generated minutes and video highlights is a game changer for keeping track of important information and decisions. I highly recommend giving Spoke a try.”
Quentin ChantelotCEO Notice
Unlock the full potential of your meetings with Spoke.Try Spoke's AI assistant on your next meetings - it’s free. Forever.