Align your team

Automatically record, transcribe, and summarize your daily standups - and a lot more.

Sync daily stand-ups along with their automatic summaries to Slack or Microsoft Teams channels. Capture important details and increase team productivity with a shared narrative.

Get AI summarized notes delivered for your team’s standup meetings, and extract summarized notes for every participant based on talking points like "Done Yesterday", "Do Today", "Blockers", and also “Questions Asked”.

Share recordings of key moments with your team instantly to speed up collaboration. Create recording snippets of your daily standups and share them using a unique link - instead of tediously writing updates.

Stay on top of all your team’s projects

Foster team collaboration by syncing meetings tied to projects to Notion or Slack - while freeing up time for your team.

Sync and transform any recurring meeting or project related meeting into an embed with the recorded video and its automatic summary to a specific location in Notion, Google Drive, Jira, etc.

Search for keywords of interest in your meetings. With automatic recording and high-quality transcripts all your meetings become searchable and explorable in secondes.

Never ask yourself again what’s the context of a specific note: type manual notes and have them linked to transcript and the video recording automatically.

Regain time for everyone in your team:

Free up your team’s valuable time by having them come to meetings only if their input is required - and not if it’s just their attention.

Regain valuable time for your team by getting team engineers up to date with chaptered video highlights of meetings - instead of having them attend meetings where they’re just by-standers.

Pass the baton of a specific team project by getting new team members up to date in minutes.

Skip the meeting entirely with Spoke: send each others video explainers which can be added to a project flow.