Spoke - Automate CRM Updates Elevate your Team’s Performance

Automate CRM Updates
Elevate your Team’s Performance

Turn conversations into actionable insightswith your AI call library

Just speak and close deals - we'll take care of the rest.
Call Library and Live Assistant
Data Extraction and Summarization
AutoCRM Sync
The right information, at the right place.
  • Sync to any information system
    with our native 1 click integrations, or via API and WebHooks.
  • Simple integration
    automatic synchronization of AI reports into notes associated with contacts, deals and companies.
  • Granular integration
    map your CRM fields to Spoke AI templates, and more.

Put your sales meeting on auto-pilot >
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Maximize Meeting Efficiency

Get yourself and your team to lead effective meetings from day 1 with the Spoke's live assistant, and immediately shareable minutes and reports.

Build Your Knowledge Base Fast
Get Custom Information Automatically
Instant Answers, On Demand
Gain time on All Your Meetings
Sync Everything, Customize Anything.From spoken details to actionable data: auto-fill data such as 'past work experience' directly in your toolkit.
Absolute Transparency

As a French company, Spoke adheres to GDPR and California regulations. We offer complete transparency of how we use your data. Simply put, Spoke does not use your data to train its models, and your data is neither stored nor used by third-parties.

Uncompromised Security.
Empower and fine-tune Spoke with Your Data
Use Your Own API Access
GDPR transparency
Unlock the full potential of team's meetings meetings with Spoke.Try Spoke's AI assistant on your next meetings - it’s free. Forever.